Jasmine Jennifer

 Reclining in Jesus

Praise the Lord! For his love and promises, I feel privileged to be addressed as, daughter of the saviour ‘Jesus Christ’. I’m Jasmine Jennifer, I was Born and brought up in a catholic family, despite been under the guidance of religious personalities in my family, my first intimate contact with Jesus “my papa’, happened in only in my 9th grade, when I witnessed his presence in the form of Eucharist during an adoration. From that very first moment, I never missed an adoration I came to know.

My journey to New Zealand was an absolute grace from God. I was jobless nearly 4 months during my university studies, hardship started, bankrupt, lost hope and wanted to surrender myself to Jesus, that’s when I was introduced to Jesus Youth by Savio.

My first JY event was the Thursday adoration at Newman hall. I surrendered my pain to Jesus, and in next 5 days, I got a Dental assistant part time job, it was certainly a blessing, when my seniors struggled to find a job in Dental field, even been here more than a year. I was carried away by the love and prayers of JY friends; nope ‘my family’ and they took me closer to Jesus and like pillars sustained me in my faith and love for God.

Days rolled, graduated, no permanent job and my bank loan and interest budded. Unexpectedly my uncle for unknown reason looked up for my future and closed my bank loan, of nearly 15 lakhs; following that miracle, I got my full driving license in one week, despite of not driven a car for last 4 years. I got my licence in hand and on 3rd day God blessed me with a car, and now working full time in my study area, praise God!!!.

I have witnessed the love of Jesus and Mama Mary’s protection throughout my life.

I am reclining in Jesus, quenching happiness from that very day of adoration at Newman hall. Till now the job what I have got, my lovely family and friends and my career is an absolute grace from my Jesus and the verse from Romans chapter 8, is a promise for my life from Jesus Christ ‘my papa’. I love him, I trust in him and I believe in him.