Malu Jones – I SAID : YES LORD…!!!


All wisdom comes from the Lord, and wisdom is with him forever. sirach 1:1

I was born into a Christian family, but was only a sunday church goer and participated in daily family prayers. I never knew the beauty of having a personal relationship with the Lord until I had a personal encounter with my God. I would not have had this happiness and joy which I have now, if I had missed those moments in which I was introduced to Jesus by Jesus Youth in Hyderabad.I was a bright student who had an excellent academic record but for some reason my first year nursing result was disappointing. I failed in my favorite subject for 10 marks. I became depressed and lost all my hope. This was the time when we had 3 Jesus Youth members coming to our college for a small time of prayer. I was pressurized by my seniors to attend the same, after the prayer meeting I spoke to them and from that moment I felt the grace of the lord working within my life.I started growing closer to god and realized that gods wisdom is beyond boundary. Thereafter, I had a strong urge to send my answer papers for revaluation.After submission,there was continuous intercession being offered by the Jesus Youth Group.Miraculously, I passed my paper and was so thankful to God.

What can I give back to Lord for this great love; I desired to become a Jesus Youth myself – to be a model of Gods love and inspire others.” Yes, I said, Lord I want to work for you.” I started sharing my experience with everyone around me and this was a great testimony in my college. Slowly we started a small prayer meeting in our college which spread all over the college with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Struggles struck me many times during my journey as a Jesus youth, but faith in my powerful God made me a living testimony everywhere without letting me fail. There is nothing to fear when we have our Lord the saviour, who turned water into wine, opened the eyes of blind and brought the dead to life. My God blessed me abundantly in my career, my married life and touched every area of my life.I am sure that my Lord will continue to bless me.My God is an AWESOME God……………..