Jesus Youth Christchurch

Jesus Youth Christchurch


In the year 2007, Jesus Youth was formed in Christchurch. There was prayer group that meet once a week for an hour. It consisted of 7-10 people. In the year 2012, some of the young people went for a retreat at Hamilton on a weekend. After that retreat, everyone had a GOD experience, which has led to strengthen the prayer group in Christchurch.

So we decided to meet at Sacred Heart Parish at Addington on every Monday of the week at 7pm.

We start our prayer with rosary or divine mercy and then praise and worship followed by scripture reading and activity. Time to time we invite local parish priests to give us talk on prayer life, faith etc.

The Jesus Youth Christchurch consists of service team and a core team. The service team consists of 8-10 people and is responsible for whole functioning of the group in Christchurch. The core team consists of 4 people whose sole responsibility is to look after the functioning of prayer group. Vineet was elected as the coordinator for the service team in 2012.

The service team was reconstituted on Aug 9, 2014 at leader’s retreat at Waipara Adventure centre in Christchurch and Ashur Joseph ( was elected as new service team coordinator for the next two years.

We are responsible for cleaning of the Sacred Heart church on every first Saturday of the month. Some of us are Eucharist ministers for vigil mass on Saturdays. Jesus Youth has taken a slot from 8pm-12am on every Saturday’s for perpetual Eucharist adoration at St. Gregory’s chapel. Some of the members of the group help in teaching catechism to children for the local Kerala community at Sacred Heart Parish.