Jesus is the Lord God

Secular society makes claims that Jesus was just a wise man, a great teacher, prophet, philosopher etc but never identified himself to be God. However, scriptural evidence states otherwise. Jesus has claimed to be God or equal with God on several occasions. Sometimes, this angered his enemies, the Jewish religious authorities who accused him of being demonically possessed and blasphemous.

Now, applying this context in the present day, if a someone does claim to be God, there are three possibilities:

  1. That man is a Liar: This goes against what Jesus stood for. After all the Father of Lies is the Devil. To associate Jesus with his Enemy is illogical
  2. That man is crazy or a fool: This argument will go against popular culture’s classification of branding Jesus has a wise and charismatic historical figure. No wise man would make such far-fetched claims and have millions of followers even after 2000 years! This leaves us with just the last possibility
  3. That man is what he claims to be!Period!